Review Article
Published On: January 26, 2018

How to Improve the Interpretation of Dobutamine Stress Echocardiography?

Shaimaa A. Mostafa*
Dobutamine stress echo is well validated non-invasive test for diagnosis of myocardial ischemia and viability by increasing the heart rate and myocardial oxygen demand so precipitate ischemia in presence of a flow limiting coronary artery stenosis, but interpretation of the test depends mainly on subjective analysis of wall motion abnormality which is not easy especially with rapid heart rate at peak dose ...

Case Report
Published On: April 27, 2018

Iatrogenic Left Main Coronary Artery Dissection – A Disastrous Complication

Baysal SS*, Özbek K and Cirit A
Iatrogenic left main coronary artery (LMCA) dissection is a potentially fatal complication of coronary intervention which requires rapid and effective management...

Clinical Image
Published On: June 18, 2018

Possible Ring like Late Pacemaker Allergy

Tsoucalas G*
Permanent pacemaker implantations have been lately increasing in numbers due to the population aging and the increase prevalence of heart diseases globally. A female patient, 84 years of age received a mechanical pacemaker due to bradycardia (33-39 beats per/min heart rate). The patient presented no complications....

Research Article
Published On: December 13, 2018

First-Year Experience of Medical Emergency Care, a New Healthcare Chain for Acute Life-Threatening Medical Conditions at the ED

Bergh N*, Hellberg J, Rehnström K, Karlsson T, Ekerstad N and Karlson BW
There is a high inflow of patients at most medical emergency departments (ED). In 2013 the Medical Emergency Care (MEC) healthcare chain was introduced at the NU-hospital group, Sweden...