Research Article

Impact of the Embryonated Chicken Egg Isolation Process Used For Avian influenza Viruses on Subsequent Characterization of Viral Hemagglutinin Gene

Kato H, Kojima I, Fukunaga W, Masatani T, Kuwahara M and Ozawa M*
Virus isolation is critical for the detailed characterization of Avian influenza Viruses (AIVs). In general, AIVs are isolated by inoculating embryonated chicken eggs with the specimens suspected of containing the virus. The characteristics of the AIVs in the original specimens, however, may...

Case Report

Occurrence of Fibroma in White Skirt Tetra (Gymnocorymbus ternetzi): A Case Study with Literature Review

Shalizar-Jalali A*, Behfar M, Mahmoudi S, Morvaridi A, Tehrani AA, Sarrafzadeh-Rezaei F
In fishes, neoplasia is generally a benign condition. However, few malignant diseases have been reported previously. Fibromas are benign and non-functional tumors composed of bundles of spindle-shaped cells having fibroblastic appearance arranged in a whorling or storiform pattern along with abundant collagen. A surgically removed mass from second dorsal fin of white skirt tetra...