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Volume - 4 Edition - 1

Letter to Editor
Published On: January 6, 2021

Non-Conventional Analgesic Approach in Thoracic Trauma Patients – Continuous Bilateral Serratus Anterior Plane Block in Preventing and Weaning Mechanical Ventilation

Teles AR*, Sarmento e Castro J, Eira C and Segura-Grau E
Injuries caused by blunt thoracic trauma are frequently associated with pulmonary complications and severe pain, prolonging both hospital and intensive care unit stay and significantly increasing healthcare costs. Ultrasound-guided Serratus Anterior Plane block is a recent technique that provides analgesia for the lateral and anterior thoracic wall...

Research Article
Published On: January 22, 2021

Physiological and Operative Severity Score for the enUmeration of Mortality and Morbidity (POSSUM) System for Outcome Prediction in Elderly Patients Submitted to Hip Fracture Emergency Surgery

Teles AR*, de Castro JM, Teixeira IM, Mourão JB and de Azevedo LFR
Purpose: Evaluate the performance POSSUM system (POSSUM, P-POSSUM and Orthopedic-POSSUM) on predicting 30-day morbimortality in elderly patients undergoing emergent hip fracture surgery. Methods: A retrospective cohort study was conducted in all elderly patients (≥65 years-old) admitted, at a University Hospital, with hip fracture, that underwent surgery during one year. From 408 patients selected, 328 were excluded for not being submitted to emergency surgery....