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Volume - 2 Edition - 1

Published On: May 27, 2019

Retrograde Intravenous Injection for Modified Bier’s Block

Oak Kim W* and Keum Kil H
Modified Bier’s block, which was introduced by Russo et al. in 1978 [1], is a simple, safe and fast anesthetic block with a lower incidence of local toxicity. This technique of intravenous regional anesthesia is useful for soft tissue surgeries...

Case Report
Published On: September 18, 2019

Anesthetic Management for Cesarean Section in Patient with Severe Pulmonary Stenosis

Soltani Mohammadi S*, Mousavi SM and Adeli S
Anesthesia in patients with cardiovascular disease requires a multidisciplinary approach especially during pregnancy with circulatory changes. We present anesthetic management of Caesarean Section (CS) in a pregnant patient with severe Pulmonary Stenosis (PS)....

Case Report
Published On: November 7, 2019

Chemical Lumbar Sympathetic Block after Failed Endoscopic Lumbar Sympathectomy in Plantar Hyperhidrosis

Kim WO* and Kil HK
We describe the successful use of Chemical Lumbar Sympathetic Block (CLSB) with alcohol after failed Endoscopic Lumbar Sympathectomy (ELS) with clips in Plantar Hyperhidrosis (PH). These cases highlight the practical application...