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Case Report
Published On: April 14, 2020

Metallic Intraocular Foreign Body with Unusual Macular Localization

Elboukhani I*, Sami Y, Essadouni C, Mchachi A, Benhmidoune L, Chakib A, Rachid R and Elbelhadji M
Perforating eye trauma is an important cause of visual loss in young people. The presence of an intraocular foreign body poses two problems: its location and its extraction. We present the clinical case of a 29 year old young man presenting for a painful red eye...

Case Report
Published On: July 21, 2020

Facial Rehabilitation after Surgical Excision of Intra-Parotid Facial Nerve Schwannoma

Keh SM, Gravill P, Gault P, Shakeel M* and Hussain A
Background: Plexiform schwannomas of the intra-parotid facial nerve are rare slow growing benign tumours, usually painless and sometime present with facial disability. The aim of this case discussion is to raise awareness of this rare clinical entity, highlight the difficulty to diagnose this condition pre-operatively, discuss the management options and the role of speech and language therapist in facial rehabilitation post-operatively....

Case Report
Published On: August 24, 2020

An Azoospermic Male with mos 46, XY/45, X, psu dic (Y) Karyotype: A Case Report

Kaya Işın* and Çağlav Gökhan
Infertility is one of the important problems in reproductive age. Y chromosome anomalies appear as one of the reasons in men with azoospermia. Chromosomal changes in regions that are effective in spermatogenesis can seriously affect sperm production. In the case of azoospermia presented here, microdeletion was not detected in the Y chromosome analysis. mos 46, XY/45, X, psu dic (Y) karyotype was detected by using conventional cytogenetic...

Case Report
Published On: August 28, 2020

Successful Management of Life-Threatening Intra and Extracranial Complications Secondary to Nasal Septal Abscess in a Child

Agilinko J, Keh SM, Veitch D, Ram B and Shakeel M*
Introduction: Nasal Septal Abscess (NSA) can occur following minor nasal trauma or as a result of severe Acute Rhinosinusitis (ARS). Sinusitis can cause haematoma formation and separation of mucoperichondrium from the underlying septal cartilage. This serves as a medium for colonisation of bacteria leading to nasal septal abscess formation. In severe cases of nasal septal abscess, infection can spread via the ‘danger area’ of the face leading to formation of intra-cerebral abscesses, cavernous...

Case Report
Published On: September 15, 2020

Glass Foreign Body in the Jugular Foramen: Surgery versus Conservative Management

Agilinko J, Gomati A, Keh SM, Brewis C and Shakeel M*
Introduction: Head and neck foreign bodies are common secondary to penetrating trauma. However, there is not much published literature on foreign body lodged in the jugular foramen. There does not appear to be any agreement on treatment of such a foreign body. Aims: To share our experience of successful management of a patient with glass foreign body lodged in his jugular foramen....