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Volume - 3

Case Series

Hyperbaric Medicine, Evidence-Based Science

Fabian A, Paula V, Reyes P, Harold Palmera P and Erik Muñoz R*
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy was born in the 1600s, when Clergyman Henshaw, a physiologist, who suggests that by increasing the pressure of the air consumed, he would be able to relieve acutetype lesions and, by decreasing it, could improve pathologies of chronic type, this is how the first known hyperbaric chamber is constructed, without having major scientific basis...


Does G-CSFR Blocker Reduces Hematopoietic Dysfunction Among Trauma Associated Hemorrhagic Shock?

Kumar M*, Mondithoka S and Bhoi S
Hematopoietic Dysfunction (HD) has been proved in trauma associated hemorrhagic shock (T/HS). Prolonged mobilization of Hematopoietic Progenitor Cells (HPCs) are related with the HD and poor outcome following T/HS patients. Excessive Granulocyte Colony Stimulating Factor (G-CSF) related with this response [1-3]....

Research Article

Changing the Culture: Improving Helmet Utilization to Prevent Traumatic Brain Injury

Lucke-Wold B*, Pierre K, Dawoud F and Guttierez M
Background: Several groups have instituted helmet initiatives with varying success across the world. Helmet use has been well documented to prevent traumatic brain injury. Despite the known benefits, many people, including university students, refuse to utilize helmets when riding bikes, mopeds, or motorcycles. We recognized a need within our community regarding the lack of helmet...


Masked Conversations

Nadarajan GD*
Working 12-hour shifts during this COVID-19 period in a busy tertiary Emergency Department (ED) in Singapore [1], there is barely time to reflect. Finally, as I take a breather, various conversations flood my mind, stirring a wave of emotions and thought-provoking perspectives about humanity, which this narrative depicts. Our calling in medicine “You work here? Tough job!” commented the driver as I boarded the taxi home from work. “This is what we signed up for.” I replied, in a fatigue-laden voice....