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Case Report
Published On: January 26, 2018

Prostate Cancer in a 63-year Old Man: A Case Report

Nikiforou M1, Papadopoulou E1, Kourouklidis I1, Papaioannou N2, Raikos N1 and Anestakis D1*
Prostate cancer is the emergence of our century’s scourge -cancer- in the prostate, which is a,gland of man’s reproductive system. Prostate is an of the essence organ in the spectrum of sexual reproduction and urinary system’s normal function. Worldwide, prostate cancer is the second most usual type of cancer in men (after skin cancer)[1] and meanwhile the eighth most lethal cancer type, thus appears to be the eighth most frequent...

Case Report
Published On: January 26, 2018

Intramuscular Soft Tissue Hemangioma of the Thigh: A Case Report

Aziza Al-Ghafri1, Asem Shalaby2 and Mohamed Mohamed Elawdy3*
Intravascular hemangiomas are rare tumors that account for less than 1% of all hemangiomas. We reported a 37-year-old female who presented with a mass on the upper thigh. The radiologic criteria were classic for hemangioma; phleboliths on plain X-ray and hypoechoic mass with the US. MRI confirmed the diagnosis – the mass was hypointense on T1 and hyper intense on T2-weighted images. The mass was surgically removed with...

Case Report
Published On: January 26, 2018

Findings of Alveolar Soft Part Sarcoma in Comparison with Other Soft Tissue Sarcomas

Jamie T. Caracciolo*
A 32 year old male with past medical history of hypertension and sleep apnea and maternal family history of breast cancer presents to a local emergency department complaining of shortness of breath. Symptoms improved with breathing treatments and evaluation for deep venous thrombosis and pulmonary embolus was initiated. Lower extremity Doppler ultrasound (not shown) revealed an anterior right thigh mass...

Short Communication
Published On: January 26, 2018

What is the Best Approach for Treatment of Hormone Positive/HER Positive Advanced Breast Cancer?

Boutayeb S*, Elghissassi I, Mrabti H and Errihani H
The prognosis of patients with metastatic HER positive disease was improved by the anti-HER targeted therapies. Approximatively, 10% of all breast cancers are both HER2 positive and hormone receptor positive [1]. The optimal management of hormone positive/HER positive metastatic breast cancer (MBC) remains unclear The NCCN guidelines recommend first line endocrine therapy regardless of HER status excepted...

Rapid Communication
Published On: January 26, 2018

Effect of Erufosine on MDA-MB 231 Breast Cancer Cells

Stoyanova T1, Uzunova V1, Popova D1, Hadzhilazova M1, Berger MR2, Momchilova A1, ToshkovaR3 and Tzoneva R1*
We investigated the anticancer activity of erufosine on the triple negative breast cancer cell line MDA-MB 231 in terms of cytotoxicity, induction of apoptosis and inhibition of cell migration. The antiproliferative effect was determined by MTT test. The induced cell death was revealed by using acridine orange/ethidium bromide (AO/EtBr) live cell staining. The effect on cell migration was evaluated by wound-healing assay....

Research Article
Published On: May 10, 2018

Transperineal Template-Guided Mapping Biopsy and Multiparametric MRI for Detection of Clinically Significant Prostate Cancer in Patients after Initial Negative Transrectal Ultrasound-Guided Biopsy

Vėželis A, Pažemeckaitė S*, Palionytė R, Ulys A, Kinčius M and Jankevičius F
Objectives: To evaluate the significance of mpMRI on detecting prostate cancer on repeat biopsy if transperineal prostate mapping (TPM) technique is applied...