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Research Article
Published On: March 23, 2019

The Characteristics of Sexual Sadists

Bixby K, White J and Lester D*
Examination of the traits and characteristics of 36 sexual sadists found that the majority were white males, with a history of violent fantasies. The most common characteristics involved the criminal act itself, such as torture, asphyxiation and bondage. Traumatic childhood experiences and the presence of minor sexual deviations...

Research Article
Published On: May 31, 2019

Creativity and Traces of Trauma in Children Wartime Drawings

Árpád Baráth*
Semantic differentiation and content analysis accomplished of a collection of children wartime drawings from former Yugoslavia (1991-1995). Slides of 50 untitled anonymous artworks were assessed by a group of lay judges from Hungary (social work students) in using 30 bi-polar Semantic Differential (SD) scales....

Research Article
Published On: June 8, 2019

Improving Rural Primary Care Depression Treatment: Intervention, Implementation, and Evaluation Design

Powers DM*, Bowen DJ, Ratzliff AD, Grover T and Unützer J
Major Depression is a significant source of disability, often manifesting as a chronic, recurring condition over an affected person’s lifetime. Most people receive no care, but those who do are most often treated in primary care....