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Volume - 3

Case Report

PKB Syndrome – A Case of Appendicaecomucocele

Patel DK*, Kachewar GK and Bhandari V
Mucocele of the appendix is a descriptive term that refers to dilation of the appendiceal lumen as a result of mucin accumulation. Majority of these cases present with mucocele involved whole length of the appendix. On extensive literature search, case of mucocele confined only to the proximal part of appendix with caecum involvement has not been reported. In our article, we present a unique...

Case Report

Placental Chorioangioma – A Benign Vascular Tumor of Placenta

Patel DK* and Kachewar SG
Chorioangiomas are the most common placental tumors. They are benign vascular tumors. They are usually detected incidentally on ultrasonography with most of them being asymptomatic. Tumors of more than 4 cm usually are associated with fetal and maternal complications. In this article we present a case of Chorioangioma which was detected in second trimester of pregnancy associated with only Single Umbilical artery. It was associated with polyhydramnios causing premature rupture...