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Published On: May 27, 2021

Impact of Fish Oil and Vitamin E Maternal Mice Dietary Supplementation on Offspring’s Testis and Brain Development and Function

Ghasemi ZS, Akbarinejad V, Shahverdi A, Ramezani M, Kheymeh A, Hezavehei M, Esmaeili V, Taheri P, Numan Bucak M and Alizadeh A*
According to developmental origins of health and disease hypothesis, we focused on maternal nutrition effects on testis alongside with brain. The aim was to evaluate feeding mice mothers with I) n-6 group, in which 300 mg Sunflower Oil (SO) and 50 IU vitamin E (standard levels of vitamin E (VE), II) n-3 group, in which 300 mg Fish Oil (FO) and 50 IU VE, III) n-6+VE group,...