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Volume - 3 Edition - 2

Case Report
Published On: July 8, 2020

Hibernoma of the Parapharyngeal Space: A Rare Condition and Its Successful Management

Nalagatla S, Law BZY, Gomati A, Nusky S and Shakeel M*
Introduction: Hibernomas are rare, benign soft-tissue tumours composed of cells that are histologically similar to those of brown adipose tissue. In humans, brown fat is typically present during the embryonic period. Its function is to generate heat for thermal regulation (brown fat is also found in hibernating animals, hence the name of the tumour). Hibernoma in the parapharyngea...

Research Article
Published On: July 9, 2020

Aesthetic Effect of Auto-Spreader Flap in Comparison to the Standard Spreader Graft in Open Approach Rhinoplasty

Naguib MB, Madian YT, Elnahriry TM, Eldeeb WE and Ahmed MR*
Background: The auto-spreader flap is a new minimally invasive technique, for the treatment of nasal valve insufficiency or stenosis and can be used as an alternative technique for spreader grafts. Our study aimed to compare the aesthetic effect of the spreader graft and auto-spreader flap in open rhinoplasty approach...

Rapid Communication
Published On: July 17, 2020

SCOTLAND Pre-Operative Tympanomastoid CT Temporal Bone Mnemonic System

Hurley R, Slim MAM, Locke R and Lim AE*
Computed-Tomography (CT) of the temporal bone is becoming a routine pre-operative investigation when surgical interventions are being considered for middle ear disease. Methodical pre-operative CT temporal bone evaluation checklist such as SCOTLAND could improve the surgical safety profile and assist in the consent process. Otorhinolaryngologists need to be able to...

Short Communication
Published On: July 31, 2020

A Pictorial Depiction of Neck Levels

Shakeel M* and Ahmad Z
Neck lumps are a common presentation in the primary and secondary care medical facilities. Majority of these are cervical lymph nodes which are preferably described in relationship to neck levels. A clear understanding of the neck levels is essential in scientific communication between referring physicians. Neck levels nomenclature is also used when requesting investigations for example an ultrasound scan and fine needle aspiration cytology of the lump. These neck levels are numbered in Roman numerals I-VI....

Research Article
Published On: October 9, 2020

Effect of Sildenafil Citrate (VIAGRA®) on the Organ of Corti, Structure and Function, in Adult Male Guinea Pigs

Abou-Halawa AS, Zittoon RF, Makary S, Fekry E, Abdelkafy WM and Ahmed MR*
Background: Sildenafil citrate is an oral therapy used to overcome erectile dysfunction. It has been reported to induce temporary sensorineural hearing loss,tinnitus and dizziness. Objective: To evaluate the effects of sildenafil citrate on the guinea pigs cochlear structure and function using Otoacoustic Emissions (OAEs) and light microscopic H & E cochlear sections...