Mini Review
Published On: January 26, 2018

Regulation of Inner Ear Secretion and Transport Mechanism

Cetinkaya EA* and Chong Y2
The endocochlear potential is a positive voltage in the cochlear endolymphatic spaces. The maintence of the endocochlear potential is dependent on ions diffusion and the electrical barrier in,the stria vascularis .The regulation of inner-ear fluid ionic concentration is essential for maintence ofthe endocochlear potential. This involves ion transportation, concentration, osmolarity, volume and pressure...

Review Article
Published On: January 26, 2018

Hearing Problems: The Longo-Businco Questionnaire for the Full Evaluation of the Auditory and Vestibular Function

Di Rienzo Businco L1*, Longo P2, Tortorella F2, Lauriello M3, Eibenstein A3
Recurrent symptoms such as asking others to repeat themselves, having difficulty hearing certain,sounds or background noises, speaking very loudly, stuffy nose sensation as well as the appearance of buzzing or vertigo, if neglected, may undermine the individual’s wellbeing and psychophysical performance, but can also create the conditions for the involvement of the ear. In these cases, it is important to see a specialist...

Research Article
Published On: January 26, 2018

Pre and Intraoperative Factors Affecting Degree of Hearing in Tubotympanic Otitis Media

Abo Elfotoh Ali Msc MI1, Shabana YK2, Abo Samra MMI2 and Morgan AE3*
Objective: chronic suppurative otitis media (CSOM) defined as a chronic inflammation of the middle ear and mastoid cavity associated with recurrent ear discharges or otorrhoea through a tympanic membrane perforation. CSOM classified into two categories: tubotympanic (TT) and attico-antral disease. CSOM display different degree of hearing loss (HL). There are many factors affecting HL in TT OM as site and size of...

Research Article
Published On: April 18, 2018

Sleep-related Choking Episodes: Is it Allergic or Reflux?

Ahmed MR*, Madian YT and Ibrahim IH
Background: Sleep-related choking attacks and cough which leads to poor quality of life, arise from laryngeal irritability with unknown exactly etiology. The important causes are upper airway cough syndrome (UACS) due to either allergy or gastro- esophageal reflux....

Case Report
Published On: May 28, 2018

Pleomorphic Adenoma of Hard Palate: A Rare Case

Chaudhary M, Gupta M* and Sharma A
Tumors of salivary gland are uncommon and accounts only for 2–3% of all tumors occurring in the head and neck. Pleomorphic adenoma is the most common benign tumor involving major salivary glands....

Mini Review
Published On: July 2, 2018

Placebo Physiology in Otolaryngology Practice

Murray Grossan*
In every double blind study, the actual drug shows a % of effect. However, the placebo also shows a % of similar outcome. Sometimes it is as high as 50 percent. When the placebo shows a 50% benefit, the FDA dismisses the new drug....

Mini Review
Published On: July 23, 2018

Application of Bromelain and Proteases in Otolaryngology Practice

Murray Grossan*
Bromelain is a proteolytic enzyme from pineapple and pineapple stems. The purpose of this report is to discuss my experience using these products in my Otolaryngology practice....