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Case Report

Thrombosis of Renal Vein after RIRS Procedure in Pediatric Patient - A Case Report

Samotyjek J* and Jurkiewicz B
Recent epidemiological studies have shown that incidence of urolithiasis in pediatric patients is on the rise and has greater increasing incidence in the western world [1-3]. Because of high risk of recurrence children require minimally invasive and effective treatment methods. One of them is Retrograde Intrarenal ureterolithotripsy (RIRS)...

Research Article

Outpatient Pediatric Renal Biopsies: A Preferred Approach

Aria DJ*, Mousa M, Greenhill M, Schaefer C and Towbin R
Purpose: Healthcare providers continually seek ways to improve their practice while maintaining quality of patient care. An aspect that can be made more efficient is adjusting procedural protocols for prompt patient discharge. Historically, pediatric renal biopsies were performed following the established adult protocol....