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Case Report
Published On: April 8, 2019

Intractable Post-traumatic Brain Abscess Caused by Klebsiella pneumoniae with Extended-Spectrum β-Lactamase Phenotype

Ku YH, Chan K-S and Yu W-L*
Extended-spectrum β-lactamase-producing Klebsiella pneumoniae (ESBL-KP) has increasingly been isolated in meningitis and ventriculitis episodes, which antimicrobial therapy is challenging to physicians...

Case Report
Published On: April 29, 2019

Iliac-Enteric Fistula as a Late Complication of Aortic Surgery

Elvira López J*, Hostench Junoy N, Olona Casas C, Pañella Agustí, Escuder Perez JF, Memba Ikuga R, Jorba Martin and Rosa M
An aorto-enteric fistula consist of an abnormal communication between the aorta or one of its branches to any part of the small or large bowel [1]. The causes of AEF are classified as primary, secondary and the very rare idiopathic form [2]. The primary (PADF) is a spontaneously forming fistula...