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Case Report
Published On: May 11, 2018

Anomalous Origin of Left Vertebral Artery from Ascending Aorta in a Case of Tetralogy of Fallot: A Rare Case Report

Hamsini BC* and Gowda D
Aberrant origin of vertebral artery is rare. Anomalous origin of left vertebral artery from ascending aorta has never been described in literature....

Case Report
Published On: May 11, 2018

A Case of Neglected Basal Cell Carcinoma of Face

Khan MM, Jain A* and Rai A
Basal cell carcinoma is the most common cutaneous tumor. It occurs in the elderly, grows slowly, and has an immensely low metastatic potential; these factors suggest that BCCs might be the ideal candidate for neglected tumors....

Case Report
Published On: June 22, 2018

Wandering Spleen with Infarction in a Non-Symptomatic Patient

Aziza Al-Ghafri*, Farida Ambusaidi, Mohammed Kotb and Wael Moustafa
Wandering spleen is a very rare defect characterized by the weakness or absence of one or more of the ligaments that hold the spleen in its normal position in the left upper quadrant. Patient symptomatology is variable and ranges from totally asymptomatic,...

Research Article
Published On: December 13, 2018

Combination of Ketoconazole and Tacrolimus Increases the Risk of Kidney Transplant Rejection in African Americans

Zhang A, Liu Y, Zhang B, Khan E, Jeon H and Zhang R*
African Americans have a rapid metabolism and require high dose of tacrolimus after kidney transplantation. Ketoconazole inhibits tacrolimus metabolism and can be used to reduce its dosage and financial cost....