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Research Article
Published On: May 4, 2020

Engineering Properties of Nagar Parkar Plutonic & Volcanic Rocks as a Construction Aggregates, District Tharparkar, Sindh Province, Pakistan

Pathan MA* and Maira MP
The purpose of this paper is to study the important engineering properties of the volcanic rocks present with the Nagar Parkar Granites located from Sindh University Campus Jamshoro 5 h 44 min (355.3 km) via Hyderabad-Badin Road and 5 h 57 min (323.5 km) via Naukot-Mithi Road and Islamkot...

Research Article
Published On: May 8, 2020

Relationship between Tropical Forest Biomass, Woody Volume and Backscattering Intensity of ALOS-2 SAR Data

Luong VN*, Tu TT, Thanh KTP and Son ML
The potential of Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data based on ALOS-2 satellite operating in L-band radar was assessed for the estimation of biomass and woody volume in tropical dense forests in Vietnam by collecting in situ forest data in 2015. The effect of polarization and seasonality of the SAR data on the biomass and woody volume was analyzed...

Review Article
Published On: June 17, 2020

Techniques of Filling Missing Values of Daily and Monthly Rain Fall Data: A Review

Muluken LE*
Precipitation or rainfall is a pertinent climatic parameter and the research on rainfall is mostly troubled due to lack of continuous data. Representation of climatological characteristics demands a good quality of rainfall data for an efficient environmental analysis. The outcome of data analysis depends on the quality and completeness of data. Lack of good quality rainfall data will have bad...

Research Article
Published On: June 23, 2020

Geochemical Evolution of Groundwater in Ravar - Naybandanarea, Central Iran

Kamran Pazand and Kaveh Pazand*
Hydrochemical investigations were carried out in Ravar-Naybandan area, central Iran, to assess chemical composition of groundwater. Identification of hydrogeochemical processes has been performed by studying a series of ionic ratios on eighteen samples including were collected from pimped well. Groundwater of the study area is characterized by the dominance of Na-Cl water type....

Published On: June 30, 2020

Forest for Sustainable Development: a Wakeup Call

Raj A and Jhariya MK*
Forest is largest natural resource harbor diverse forms of flora and fauna which play a key role in ecosystem processes. However, deforestation and other anthropogenic activities affect forest cover along with disturbing their ecosystem productivity and services. The practices of Sustainable...