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Research Article
Published On: August 31, 2020

Heavy Metals in Rivers and Sediments from Two Southwestern States of Nigeria

Apata O and Oguntimehin II*
Anthropogenic sources of heavy metals to coastal cities and their environment are mostly through the various water bodies. This study aimed at using the Potential Ecological Risk (PER) index to characterize rivers and sediments for possible environmental impact. Ten water and ten sediment samples from both Igbokoda and Apapa in Southwest, Nigeria were collected between March and, August 2018 and analysed for heavy metals. The water and sediment grab samples were treated using...

Research Article
Published On: September 3, 2020

Determinants of Households’ Adaptation Practices against Climate Change Impact on Off-farm Activities in Nawalpur District, Nepal

Dhungana AR, Vikash Kumar KC*, Khand PB and Dhungana SM
Climate change is one of the serious concerns which have a significant impact in all areas of human civilization. Among these areas, agriculture is the worst hit sector. This study aims to analyze the determinants of households’ adaptation practices against climate change impact on off-farm activities in Nawalpur District, Nepal. It utilizes the data collected from two Village Development Committees...

Research Article
Published On: September 10, 2020

Effect by Seasons on Backscattering Intensity of ALOS-2 PALSAR-2 Data (L-band) to Retrieval Forest Biomass in Tropical Region

Luong VN*, Hieu VN, Tu TT, Thanh KTP, Tuan AP and Chi KT
In this research we used the L-band radar from ALOS-2 PALSAR-2 and field work data for evaluation of effects by the season to retrieval forest biomass in tropical region. The effect of seasonality and HH, HV polarizations of the SAR data on the biomass was analyzed. The dry season HV polarization could explain 61% of the biomass in this study region. The dry season HV backscattering intensity was highly sensitive to the biomass compared to the rainy season backscattering intensity....

Review Article
Published On: September 14, 2020

Soil Salinity and Its Management Options in Ethiopia, Review

Wudu A* and Mahider W
Soil salinity is one of the chemical soil degradation problems which affect soil productivity in the Ethiopian low lands. This paper tries to put together soil salinity concept, causes, extent and management practices. Soil salinity is the problem of agricultural activities in Ethiopian low lands (cultivated lands) and is getting an increase. Farmers require simple and sustainable techniques to amend acid saline and improve yields of crops of their choices....

Research Article
Published On: September 25, 2020

The Engineering Properties of Manufactured Sand with Rock Quarry Dust and Muck Material District Jamshoro Sindh Province Pakistan

Pathan MA*, Maira MSM and Ahmed AJ
Concrete material has widen its scope and usage from natural course and fine aggregates to the manufactured aggregates as the world of construction industry grown up worldwide from ground floor homes to multistory buildings. This was because of availability of good quality aggregates in limited quantity in such regions where the natural aggregate resources are not present in sufficient quantity....