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Research Article
Published On: April 4, 2019

Ecological Risk Assessment of Heavy Metals in Sediment of the Louhajang River, Bangladesh

Kormoker T*, Proshad R and Islam MS
Heavy metal pollution in sediment of the riverine ecosystem is regarded as a major problem in developing countries like Bangladesh. The present study was conducted to assess the contamination level of heavy metals and their ecological in sediments of the Louhajang River, Bangladesh....

Short Communication
Published On: June 17, 2019

Lampblack Pollution and Control Measures in China

Sarwar MT*, Xin YJ and Hui ZH
In the recent year people rise the momentous concern about their health as well as environment and its pollution. Human health is struggling extreme persecution that created by means of burning fossil fuels and pour polluting chemical waste into the residing environment....

Research Article
Published On: July 18, 2019

The Quality of Water Sources from High Schools in the Accra Metropolis

Nkansah MA*, Lartey J and Patrica-Ivy
Physico-chemical quality of borehole water and pipe-borne water from selected second cycle institutions in the Accra metropolitan area in the Greater Accra region of Ghana was evaluated. A total of Seventeen (17) samples were collected from eight (8) boreholes and nine (9) pipe-borne water sources respectively....