About Journal

Journal of Nephrology Forecast is a peer-reviewed, Open Access journal devoted exclusively to the publication of high-quality manuscripts in the fields of nephrology. Journal supports the publication of original material involving the complete solution of significant problems in the above disciplines. Journal also encourages the publication of timely and thorough survey articles on current trends and future forecast in nephrology fields.

Journal covers on the archives of clinical nephrology includes topics ranging but not limiting to diabetic nephropathy, nephrotic syndrome, lupus nephritis, iga nephropathy, partial nephrectomy, membranous nephropathy, intestinal nephritis, contrast induced nephropathy, drug induced nephrotoxicity, acute intestinal nephritis, nephron sparing surgery, nephron progenitor, kidney disease, chronic kidney diseases, acute kidney disease, kidney cancer, kidney transplantation, acute kidney injury, kidney fibrosis, kidney stone, kidnew failure, kidney rejection, kidney function, renal failure, renal cell carcinoma, renal function, dialysis, renal dialysis, dialysis fistula, renal cancer, renal impairment, renal denervation, etc