Latest Advances in Electro Sprayed Particulate Matter as Bioactive Encapsulation Systems for Food Use

Ammar A*
There are currently two key applications of active ingredients in the food industry: primarily as value-added ingredients to enhance the health-beneficial properties of food; secondly, to create smart packaging that can resist food putrefaction. Nevertheless...

Research Article

The Effect of High-Intensity Interval Training Program Along with Consumption of Achillia millefolium on Blood Triglyceride on Non-Athlete Women

Sangtarash N*
High levels of triglyceride in the body lead to increased triglyceride levels in the blood and fat storage and therefore cause obesity. This state, also known as "hypertriglyceridemia," is also associated with an increased risk of other diseases such as cardiovascular disease. Medicinal plants such as Achillia and aerobic exercise, each had desirable effects on reducing levels of harmful blood lipids. It seems that exercise in sync with Achillia...