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Dietary Sulfur Requirement

Larry H. Bernstein*
There has been a growing account for a vegan, not vegetarian, based diet. What this requires is that all food nutrients are derived from vegetarian sources. While an exclusive vegetarian sourced diet is possible (excluding meats, fish, milk, and eggs), it is unnecessary and is not without risk. The main risk to consider is obtaining a sufficient essential amino acid L-methionine. This can be achieved by eating a sufficient amount of nuts, soy...

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Application of Enzymes in Brewing

Ahmed M. Gomaa*
Brewing is one of the oldest food processes done by mankind. The technology of beer production took place six thousand years ago and has been done by the world’s oldest civilizations such as the ancient Egyptians and Mesopotamians. Nowadays, brewing is one of the lead food industries in the world in general and especially the west. Enzymes utilization is one of the main pillars of brewing industry, and weather the enzyme is endogenous...

Review Article

Rejuvenation of Metabolic Cascades for Controlling Aging through Bioactive Compounds: A Review

Das M, Kundu D, Singh J, Rastogi A, Mukherjee G, Chatterjee A and Banerjee R*
Consumption of vegetables and fruits has always played a crucial role in curing several disorders. But, the underlying mechanism behind such effect was unknown previously. With the advancement in research, the presence of several bioactive compounds and their unique role in modulating several metabolic cascades is coming into the picture. Chronic metabolic disorders are increasing at an alarming rate worldwide....

Research Article

Partial Hepatectomy and Diets Enriched with Olive and Corn Oil Altered the Phospholipid Fatty Acid Profile in the Spleen

Giacometti J*, Milin Č, Ćuk M, Samardžija B and Radosević-Stašić B
The purpose of this study was to examine changes in the polar fatty acid (PL FAs) profile in mice spleen after a one-third partial hepatectomy (PHx) and a diet enriched with olive and corn oil...


Dietary Silicon: Is Biofortification Essential?

Martin KR*
Compelling evidence continues to accumulate indicating that silicon is a beneficial trace element and contributes to health. Data from human, animal, and in vitro studies demonstrate that dietary silicon increases bone mineralization,...

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