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Case Report
Published On: May 14, 2018

Successful Treatment of Intractable Hiccups due to Psycosomatic Disorder

Elife Erarslan*
Background: Hiccups are most often self-limited and resolve spontaneously without the need for any medical treatment. Intractable hiccups may be a symptom indicating a serious insidious disease...

Case Report
Published On: July 2, 2018

Successful Hepaticogastrostomy (HGS): Decompression when all Else had Failed

Warner BD*, Patel A and Devlin J
We describe the case of an 82 year old man with jaundice (bilirubin 319μmol/L) from pancreatic cancer who had recurrent biliary obstruction despite 2 previous endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) and metal stent insertions....